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Ductwork Hygiene Cleaning

We at Vestcom Ltd, offer Ventilation Hygiene Cleaning to all aspects of ductwork systems. We offer full service maintenance contracts including inspections and filter cleaning to ensure maximum safety and compliance to regulations for your building.

Ventilation Ductwork Cleaning must be carried out at least once every two years to fulfil legal requirements and to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

Why is Ventilation Ductwork Cleaning so important?

Virtually every commercial property will have a ventilation system and associated ductwork. Over time, the ducts accumulate dust and debris and in the case of kitchen canopies and its associated ductwork, grease will be present, which can then become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould, especially if raised temperatures and humidity are also present. Air passing through the ductwork can then carry these allergens and pathogens into the building. Without adequate and regular Ductwork Cleaning, the ventilation system designed to provide building occupants with clean, fresh air, could be doing the exact opposite, with potentially serious consequences.

If the maintenance of Ductwork Hygiene cleaning is not upheld, this could lead to potential problems, with minors ones being the occupants suffering with repeated minor illnesses such as colds, flu and allergies.  This has now been proven to be a direct effect of poorly maintained ventilation systems helping to spread dust and airborne micro-organisms through a building.

Thorough and regular Ductwork Hygiene Cleaning is therefore a significant contribution to the health of building occupants.

It is recommended that regular inspection and cleaning of the filters on your ventilation system is carried out. These filters minimise pollution from outside and prevent dust getting into the system from inside the building. They need to be inspected and cleaned or replaced so that they remain effective. A strict filter cleaning regime can help to keep your ductwork clean and maintain air quality to a high level. As well as full duct cleaning, Vestcom Ltdcan advise on a suitable filter cleaning programme and can carry out regular inspections on your behalf.

Ventilation Maintenance

The 'Associated Code Of Practice from the Health and Safety Commission' requires that all mechanical ventilation systems should be cleaned, tested and maintained to ensure no contamination of air distribution and potential fire risks, whilst ensuring the lifespan of the system, preventing damage and the need for expensive repairs.  Our skilled, qualified engineers ensure all aspects of ductwork and system hygiene cleaning are guaranteed and carried out as recommended by HVCA TR19 - 'Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems'.



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