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Ductwork Ventilation


The service we, at Vestcom Ltd, offer for ductwork ventilation to our customers depends greatly on your exact requirements.

We provide the customers with a full bespoke package with the technical advice and information on the ventilation and air changes required for the size of the nominated area.

In some cases businesses (particularly restaurants) have the requirements stipulated by Environmentalists.  In most cases though the customer does not know their exact requirements and we provide the customer with the technical advice and information on the ventilation and air changes required for the size of the nominated area.

The fundamental systems and features that can be offered are:

Extract Only -  this relates to canopies, fume cupboards, kilns etc providing negative pressure.

Supply and Extract - this supplies fresh air into the area from atmosphere and extracts back out to atmosphere, creating an air change.

Supply and Extract sourced by an air handling unit - this filters the air and provides heating and cooling through the ductwork system.  This then gives tempered air and cooling facilities.

Supply and Extract sourced by heater battery - this provides a supply and extract system and will introduce an inline heater battery on the supply system which tempers the air to room temperature to prevent cold temperatures in winter being brought into the building.


The actual materials that are used are all very similar, as it is mainly galvanised sheet steel ductwork that is available.  Although stainless steel, plastic, UPVC and polypropylene are also available options.  There are several different types of ductwork, such as spirally wound, rectangular and oval.  Dependent on the conditions for the installation any of these can be used as long as the resistance levels don't affect the air volume.  Noise factors also have to be taken into consideration, which would then introduce attenuators to reduce the noise levels.

Another factor to take into consideration is whether the ductwork will be on show or not. Most of the works are carried out above the ceiling with only a grille to show for its presence but in some cases, mostly restaurants, are now using ductwork as a feature.  Therefore, presentation is important.


Commercial Air Management, whether it is heating, cooling or ventilating a room is about providing a comfortable and healthy working environment for all.

Indoor air quality is a critical factor in the successful performance of a building.  This ranges from the control of carbon dioxide levels in a school classroom, the adequate ventilation of toilet and shower blocks, the cooling of offices in Summer, the efficient heating of meeting rooms in Winter and the management of emissions from specialist areas such as laboratories, fire exists and industrial kitchens.

We have over 20 years experience with Ductwork Ventilation, Extraction systems and Air Conditioning and our service offered is second to none.  We are therefore, able to provide a system to meet all of your project needs; on time and in budget.


Ventilation Maintenance

The 'Associated Code Of Practice' requires that all mechanical ventilation systems should be cleaned, tested and maintained to ensure no contamination of air distribution and potential fire risks, whilst ensuring the lifespan of the system, preventing damage and the need for expensive repairs.  Our skilled, qualified engineers ensure all aspects of ductwork and system hygiene cleaning are guaranteed and carried out as recommended by HVCA TR19 - 'Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems'.


Please see our Ductwork Hygiene Cleaning for the services available.

The following are a selection of our services: 

  • Ductwork Ventilation Systems
  • Air Conditioning
  • Kitchen Extract Systems
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Insulation
  • Ventilation Hygiene Cleaning
  • Electrical Services




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